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About Us

Hi All!! Welcome to MDoujin! MDoujin formerly known as MyBiiACG, was founded in September 2018, the organisation was formed by few ACG lovers which interested on Malaysia ACG circles.

The organisation found out that there is less websites to gather all of the information regarding ACG, expecially efficient upcoming event lists.

Our main purpose for building this website is to help Malaysia ACG community to find out the information they want with convenience way! For example: Upcoming & Past event lists, Event Organisation directory information, Famous Cosplayer Lists etc.

Currently we are working hard to update our website information,stay tune for new features on a later time!

Our Team


Founder and Developer

Entered to ACG circle since 2013 and cosplayer on 2016, who like to go ACG events and having special hobby - Collecting Past Event Tickets!


Co-Founder & Graphic Designer

Hello!I am Queenie, currently working as graphic designer. After graduated in 2017, I had went 1st ever cosplay event which is CF2017. During CF2017 having full of passionate feelings love in photography in short period, Thank you for everyone's support!

Joey ChayChay

Cosplayer & Founder of MACGEI

A person who active in Attending ACG event. Entered to ACG circle since 2011 and become Cosplayer since 2013.

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